Alkistis Pourtsidou

Alkistis Pourtsidou

Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics

University of Edinburgh

Research Interests

  • Theory and observations of the large-scale structure of the Universe.
  • Modelling nonlinear scales for galaxy clustering and weak gravitational lensing.
  • Tests of dark energy with combined large-scale structure probes.
  • Cosmology with 21cm intensity mapping: theory, simulations, and data analysis.
  • Interacting dark energy models.


List of publications from INSPIRE database


PI for UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship: Exploring the Universe with radio and optical galaxy surveys (Phase 1: 1,468,286 GBP, 2019-2023; Phase 2: 618,204 GBP, 2023-2026)

PI for STFC grant: Neutral Hydrogen Intensity mapping with MeerKAT (approx. 258,000 GBP, 2019-2021)

Co-I for STFC departmental consolidated grant: Astronomy Research at Queen Mary 2020-2023; Project: Constraints on Dark Energy and Modified Gravity using Non-linear Structures in Cosmology (awarded 5% FTE and 3-year PDRA support, approx. 350,000 GBP).

Co-I for GCRF development grant: SA-DISCNET: A collaborative data science training network across southern Africa and southern UK (92,745 GBP, 2018-2019).

  • PhD in Physics

    University of Nottingham

  • MSc in Elementary Particle Theory

    University of Durham