Here we list open source codes and simulated data products we have developed for the analysis of radio intensity mapping and optical galaxy datasets.

Our group is committed to transparency and reproducibility in science. We try to make most of our developed code public and we also try to be as user friendly as possible by providing pedagogical Jupyter notebooks.

Our public codes are:

  • CLASS-IDE contains the CLASS code for the “pure momentum transfer” coupled quintessence model.
  • ReACT-IDE is an implementation of the Dark Scattering interacting dark energy model into the basic ReACT code, including massive neutrinos and baryonic feedback
  • Multipole Expansion is a code for power spectrum analyses for neutral hydrogen intensity mapping experiments
  • IM-Fish is a code for Fisher Matrix forecasts for neutral hydrogen intensity mapping experiments and their cross-correlation with optical galaxy surveys
  • IM-Inflation is a code for Fisher Matrix forecasts for cosmological and inflationary parameters using intensity mapping, galaxy, and CMB surveys.
  • gpr4im is a code for using Gaussian Process Regression as a foreground removal technique for single-dish 21cm intensity mapping. See also this talk recording by Paula Soares for an introduction to the science and the code!

Other codes which we have helped develop with external collaborators include:

  • CosmoPower is a library for Machine Learning - accelerated Bayesian inference. We recently used it in this paper.
  • ReACT-with-neutrinos is a first implementation of massive neutrinos into the basic ReACT code.
  • HyPk is a code based on the Gaussian Streaming Model, to calculate the quasi non-linear redshift space matter power spectrum multipoles.
  • GC-Fish-nonlinear is a Fisher Matrix code for nonlinear galaxy clustering using the TNS and EFTofLSS models.
Alkistis Pourtsidou
Alkistis Pourtsidou
Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics